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All plans changed- Covid 19

Like many people I had plans for spring break. I had planned to load up my Toyota Rav4 with camping gear and all of my cameras, drive all over Oregon, sleeping in the back wherever I decided to stop. Going to Portland, stopping at Portland Saturday Market and soaking up all the creativity and festive energy, music and food. While in Portland I needed to make a trip to Blue Moon Camera to drop off exposed film and purchase more film as well as drool over the vintage film cameras I wanted, hopefully seeing Zeb and Jake while I was there. Getting a cheeseburger or fish and chips at Burgerville on my way out of town, flipping a coin to see which direction I would travel. A whole week to myself, the open road, all of the Pacific Northwest.

Then came the order for us all to stay home, everything closed and shutdown, plans changed.

For me there were many emotions and so much deep reflection while staring out the window at the trees and clouds. I began listening to more music, playing new games with my son, writing in my journal more, sewing masks as well as quilts and shooting more film. Questioning daily life, my relationships, how I spent my time, what was really important.

I'll be pulling away from digital photography and photography business, I've enrolled in school full time. A 20 year break in math classes is a challenge let me tell you!!

I created this video for one of my classes that helped me get in touch about how I feel about my film photography.

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